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SKT 'BizChat'

SK Telecom Biz Messaging Service  |  Web based Interactive Message Marketing Service  |  Service for Etire Nation using Messaging and # Specials Number

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SKT 'SMS Manager'

Messaging Services that can be used Anytime, Anywhere in Numerous Devices through Web Messaging Services and Smartphone Synchronization

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Amore Pacific 'AP Mall'

Amore Pacific Mobile Retail Mall  |  Providing Rich Experience for Purchasing Products  |  Android & iOS

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Amore Pacific 'Beauty Tailor'

Skin Diagnosis Solution with Camera  |  Skin Diagnosis via Analysis of Photo and Health Questionnaire  |  TPO Push Notification Feature Connected with Weather API  |  Android & iOS

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SKT 'Smart Call Center Messaging Service'

Messaging service solution for Call Center Customer Management  |  SMS / MMS Standard and Encrypted Module  |  Messaging Management & Statistics Platform

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SKT '100years Letter'

Retro Style Concept of Sending a Letter to Someone in the Future  |  SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) & OMA-MMS  |  Android & iOS

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Hyundai Rotem 'Motion Planner / Motor Sizing'

Integrated Motion by Device (Press, Feed Unit, Cushion, etc.) / Motor Recommendation Program  |  Windows based Application

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